Hello friends,

I recently had the opportunity to dog sit in France for one of my Victoria clients! I spent two weeks in the south of France exploring the area with a bichon. It was great to see dog-friendly the French are and welcomed practically everywhere including most public spaces and public transit. Now I’m back with a bit of a case of wanderlust, but a new job is keeping me tethered for now. I am still pet sitting. Cats are business as usual. I can look after dogs on the weekends and I’m still doing occasional pet sitting for hotel guests in the area. Please feel free to contact me with your inquiries at sittingprettyyyj@gmail.com and thanks for your interest.



Due to acquiring  full-time work recently I can now only provide live-in services for cats. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Well it has been a busy and productive year with most of my work coming from repeat clients – thank you! I spent most of the late summer bouncing from one assignment to the next keeping me busy, busy. I did get a quick break in October to enjoy a break of my own in New Mexico. A few of my furry friends passed on this year and several of them are getting older but there is still a sweet kind of joy in walking into a house and being greeted by a dog who is over the moon to see you or a cat that comes to say hello. Even the cats that don’t bother getting up but they look up and say, “Oh hey, it’s you again”. Thank you for trusting me with your homes and animals. I am currently booking into next year. Regards, Tonya

Currently enjoying a few days at home before the next booking starts and then Sept. and Oct are mostly booked up. Thank you to all my repeat clients. I really appreciate that you value and trust me to look after your animals. And because of your support, I really haven’t had to do that much pounding the pavement for new clients. Just when I start to worry about where my next dollar is going to come from, happily one of you e-mails me. So thank you! As some of you know, I am now working PT as a Security Guard but the care and comfort of your animals is always my first priority.

Water baby

Who says cats don’t like water? Weezer loved to play in water and would get soaked in the bathtub from drinking out of tap.

Ask a Vet: Why Do Cats Get Sick So Often with Pet Sitters?

Luckily, a Vet in Victoria, BC spoke to me about this issue and now for longer assignments I ask the pet owner to provide instructions for care and a method of payment to their Vet in case of an emergency. That way the Vet has parameters in place and I am not on the hook for payment should an emergency occur.

Zoe (my 10-year old Bichon Frise) and I consider ourselves very fortunate to know Tonya and be able to count on her when it is not possible for us to travel together. A true testament to how well Zoe is cared for is how she runs to greet Tonya whenever she sees her. When I have needed Tonya’s services in 2013/2014, she has demonstrated professionalism, reliability, responsibility and kindness. I could not ask more of someone performing this role. Zoe and I unconditionally endorse her as a pet-sitter of the very highest calibre.

D. Gray and Zoe, Oak Bay



Pretty sure if I was ever going to get a tattoo, this would be it! 🙂

Tonya has taken the separation fear out of our past experience as leaving my pets for both my pets and myself.   Having a very elderly Chihuahua, Taco, who lives most days in the twilight zone and suffers from separation anxiety is challenging to leave without worry.  Tonya graciously let herself be used as a new play-thing, new bed and new food/treat administrator for Lucy the Shitzhu, aka, Alpha Girl, and Thai, (cat) the Tank.  She also provided plate to mouth service for the senior Taco. Tonya has now established a bond of friendship with all of the “3 kids” and I have been able to get away without worry or stress.  She has a gift with animals with her kind, calm disposition and I certainly would not hesitate (unless it is during the time I need her!!!) recommending her as a dependable competent and loving petsitter.   She even extended her care to my local urban wildlife who provided her entertainment in my absence.                                                                                                            M. Barrett, Victoria


This little guy (and sibling in the background) were welcome visitors at a home in Ogden Point where I was petsitting. I played laser pointer with them and they were just like cats, chasing the red dot around the patio. They liked to watch what was going on through the patio door and would also hang out on the roof and stare through the window!